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Tibet rural tourism makes great progress
update:October 12,2016
Oct.12, 2016 -- “In Tibet rural areas, I not only experience the traditional Tibetan culture, but also enjoy excellent services and unique tourism items. It is a fantastic travel,” said by Wang Ping, a tourist from Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. During the seven-day National holiday, he traveled to rural areas in Tibet where he experienced a comfortable and diversified Tibetan rural life.

Under the blue sky, tents along a river extend to an ancient village. On a flat road that is near the village, passers-by could hear melodious singing. Nyima Tang Monastery with a history of more than a thousand year welcomes lots of pilgrims. Nyima Tang Monastery, located in Dagdong Village, is 13 kilometers away from Lhasa, capital of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region. With the development of unique rural tourism in this village, a large number of tourists like Wang Ping choose here for traveling.

Farm family inns, an item of Tibet rural tourism, aim to protect rural ecology, which also increase jobs and the local income. There are 281 households in Dagdong Village. Previously, they mainly made a living by farming and herding. Nowadays, thanks to the implementation of a comprehensive tourism project for poverty alleviation, 51 poverty-stricken households in Dagdong Village have already get off poverty, with the per capita income of over 6,000 yuan (about 899.75 U.S. dollars).

Rural tourism in Dagdong Village, different from traditional tourism covering ancient architecture and nature scenery, boasts human landscape and creative items such as starry night, wedding photos and traditional customs. It turns Dagdong Village into a unique tourist destination.

In order to improve tourist service, experts in tourism field are invited to train farmers and herdsmen in terms of safe production, tourism law, tourism statistics and cultural customs, effectively promoting employment in tourism sector, according to Tenzin Chodrak, director of Lhasa Tourism Bureau.

Currently, Tibet rural tourism with strong ethnic characteristics enjoys various products, complete function and service system.

China's Tibet will develop urban tourism, Tibetan medicine for health, scientific exploration and other high-end tourism items in the future.

By: Zhu Shan

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