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Tibet goes 'Internet Plus' to improve livelihood
update:October 10,2016
Oct. 10, 2016 -- Currently, there are 82 mobile phones and 11 fixed phones for every 100 people in China's Tibet. The Internet penetration rate reaches 60 percent. Internet not only improves Tibetan people's livelihood but also shortens the distance between Tibet and the outside world. As Internet integrates with traditional industries such as tourism and agriculture, work efficiency gets great improvement.
In 2014, Qionglin Village, Nanyi Town of Menling County, Nyingchi of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, built a fiber-optic broadband offered by China Mobile for the first time. Currently, there are 47 households in the village, of which 40 have access to broadband. Wifi access is available in the village.
The medium-size family inn is run by Darma and Lhamo, a Luoba ethnic couple living in this village. In June of this year, it was connected to the Internet. Since then, thanks to the promotion on the Internet, the income of this family inn increases by over 10,000 yuan (about 1499.59 U.S. dollars). “Internet brings a lot of benefits to us. Previously, tourists did not choose to live in our inn because Internet was not available here. Nowadays, tourists prefer to living in here and help us promote our family inn with their Wechat and microblog,” said by Darma.
There are 15 family inns in Qionglin Village, greatly increasing local villagers' income. Since villagers had access to the Internet, per capita income of the local increases to 90,000 yuan (about 1,3496 U.S. dollars) from 60,000 yuan (about 8,997 U.S. dollars).
In the 12th Five-Year Plan period, China's Tibet built 3,000 rural comprehensive information service stations, covering 57 percent of administrative villages and 62 percent of farmers and herdsmen. This measure aims to help more people know how to use Internet.
Xue Waka Village of Pome County, Nyingchi of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, is located along the State Road 318. It is known for precious herbs such as cordyceps, gastrodia elata and glossy ganoderma. Villagers always sold those herbs to business men who came to the village or to stores in the county at a low price. After setting up a comprehensive information service station, villagers can promote and sell their herbs through the Internet, greatly increasing local farmers' income.
As of 2016, Tibet branch of China Mobile has already poured into 14.29 billion yuan (about 2.14 billion U.S. dollars) and built 12,600 base stations. The total lance of long distance optical cable reached 51,900 sheet km. In Tibet, there are already 4,440 administrative villages that have access to mobile Internet, with the coverage rate of 84 percent. 693 towns and more than 4,000 administrative villages are connected to optical fiber cable, lying a solid foundation for the proliferation of optical fiber cable in all farming and pastoral areas.
With the increasingly perfection of information infrastructures, Internet is integrated with more traditional industries. "Heavenly Tibet", a intelligent tourist product, provides tourists with one-stop information service encompassing eating, accommodation, traffic, traveling, shopping and entertainment. It is the same as the newfangled online tourism service.
The intelligent scenic spot has been put into pilot at Baksum Co since June of this year. The whole system consists of scenic spot monitoring center, 69 monitoring spots, face recognition servers, intelligent monitoring platform and memory system, which can monitor and  regulate tourists' uncivilized behaviors effectively.
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