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12th Tibet Nyingchi Investment and Trade Fair kicked off
update:September 30,2016
Sept. 30, 2016 -- The 12th Tibet Nyingchi Investment and Trade Fair & project signing ceremony kicked off in the Nyingchi convention center. It is said that 36 projects were signed with a total investment of 5.852 billion yuan.
By taking the opportunity of the 2016 Nyingchi Yarlung Tsangpo Eco-tourism Festival, many projects were signed in the Nyingchi Investment and Trade Fair and the brand effect was also improved significantly. The number of contract projects increased 33% and investment amount increased 13.65% than the previous fair.
Through omni-directional and multi-level propaganda and promotion, merchants were more familiar with Nyingchi City's tourism resources and more confident in the development prospect. 8 tourism projects were signed with an investment of 805 million yuan. In addition, characteristic agricultural and husbandry projects were signed with an investment of 1.702 billion yuan. 2 Tibetan medicine projects were signed with an investment of 250 million yuan. 3 e-commerce projects were signed with an investment of 120 million yuan. 1 venture capital investment project was invested with an investment of 600 million yuan, achieving a zero breakthrough.
By combining with Nyingchi's industry development orientation, with an estimated budget investment of 2.766 billion yuan, 6 projects were mainly promoted and propagandized, covering tourism, culture, natural drinking water, Tibetan medicine and trade service industry. In addition, to seriously carry out and implement the central government's special preferential policy to Tibet, especially in the case of tax policy, 15% tax rate of enterprise income tax was enforced. In terms of financial policy, benchmark interest rate for loan was 2% lower than the mainland.
By: Zhi Xinghua
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