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Highland barley processing helps poverty alleviation in Tibet
update:September 29,2016
Sept. 29, 2016 -- The highland barley processing project has been launched in Shigatse recently, which is expected to increase 3 billion yuan for the local income.
As the scientific research input is increasing in recent years, the nutritional value of highland barley is being explored continuously, and its output and variety are also increasing year by year, which becomes an important channel for the local people to get rid of poverty and increase income.
After deep processing, highland barley can be made into more than 10 kinds of products such as instant and solid solution beverage powder, Italian noodle with low blood-sugar content and so on. The first batch of sugar-free organic highland barley cereals will come into the market in the near future.
Dawa Dradul, party secretary of Shigatse Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Bureau says that 200 million yuan is expected to be invested in this project. The production capacity is just enough to consume Shigatse City's surplus commodity grain. It is hopeful to enhance the output value of local highland barley to 3 billion yuan and can let 300 local impoverished people get employ.
"Due to simple traditional processing way, the added value of highland barley is low. Its economic strength is not fully played in a long time, says Dawa Dradul, "by adopting modern scientific techniques, it can not only increase people's incomes, but also drive the adjustment of industrial structure."
According to Zhang Yuan, chairman of the Highland Barley Plateau Biological Technology Co. Limited, highland barley is uniformly purchased by Agricultural Cooperative Association, which covers all planters in 10 major grain producing areas in Shigatse City. He says, "The purchasing price is higher than the market price an it is increasing annually. The aim is to avoidintermediate links and benefit the masses."
By: Zhi Xinghua
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