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Red relic protection project completed in Chamdo
By:China Tibet Online
update:August 25,2016
Aug. 25, 2016 -- Chamdo has the most red relic sites in all of the Tibet Autonomous Region; it was long known as the “Eastern Gate of Tibet.” On August 23rd, one of the most well-known sites in the red relic protection project, for which China has invested 35 million yuan, was completed and opened to the public, according to CCTV website.
The red relic protection project is the first concentrated exhibition area in Chamdo, including: original site for the People’s Liberation Committee Office in Chamdo, the small assembly hall, and the generals’ building, a total of six buildings on 11 thousand square meters. The six buildings were originally scattered inside the Chamdo City Municipal Committee Compound and not easily accessible to visitors; in 2016, Chamdo City moved them in their original state next to the generals’ building.     
The first Five-Starred Red Flag was raised in Chamdo, Tibet. The original site for the People’s Liberation Committee Office in Chamdo displays several hundred pieces of rare photos, documents, and revolution artifacts, demonstrating the precious history from liberation of Chamdo in 1950 to Democratic Reform Tibet in 1959.
The history and culture in Chamdo, Tibet is incredibly deep and profound. The 41 current red relic sites are all gradually receiving protection. Losang Chodra, Deputy Director of the Bureau of Cultural Relics of Chamdo, said that from 2008 through today, eight red relic sites were repaired and protected. Almost all sites would be completed within the “13th Five-Year Plan.” This exhibition would help everyone to remember history and appreciate how precious life is today. 
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