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Online investment promotion activity of 3rd tourism, culture expo launched
update:August 15,2016
Aug.15, 2016 -- On August 8, the online investment promotion activity of the 3rd China Tibet Tourism and Culture Expo was officially launched in Lhasa. With an investment of 44 billion yuan, 310 projects were put forward during the activity, covering medicine and health, industry, commercial circulation and other fields.
The online investment promotionactivity is an innovation of the China Tibet Tourism and Culture Expo from content to form. It is also an innovation of Tibet's investment promotion work with the aim of adapting to the new situation, new technologies and new formats.
Focusing on Tibet introduction, project introduction, introduction policy, attracting investment, Tibet Investment Promotion Net integrates investment resources at all levels and recommends characteristic and excellent projects. By closely centering on the development goal of the 13th Five-Year Plan and further promoting the opening up policy, the breadth and depth of Tibet's investment promotion work is expanded.  
Tibet Investment Promotion Net has 11 columns including project resources, achievement exhibition, investment guide, laws and regulations, guest services directory, file download, enterprise service, merchants online, etc. The net mainly introduces Tibet's resources, investment environment, preferential policies, investment projects, service process, investment news, investment institutions, contact information and so on.
Ma Jinglin, deputy chief of the investment promotion and trade negotiation group of the 3rd China Tibet Tourism and Culture Expo, says that Tibet Investment Promotion Net will provide first-rate services including latest investment news, laws, regulations and projects to enterprises, with the aim of meeting enterprises' investment demands and shortening their time. Entrepreneurs are welcomed to log in and visit the net. In terms of intentionality projects, entrepreneurs can have on-the-spot investigation and negotiation, so as to reach cooperation.
By: Zhi Xinghua
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