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6th Beijing (International) Tibetology Seminar to be held
update:July 27,2016
July 27, 2016 -- The 6th Beijing (International) Tibetology Seminar will be scheduled for Aug.2-4 at China Tibetology Research Center (CTRC) in Beijing, the organizer said Monday.
Beijing (International) Tibetology Seminar: origin and development
The seminar originates from the 1st Beijing China Tibetology Seminar in 1991. To expose to the international community the true nature of Dalai Lama clique, the darkness and backwardness of the feudal serfdom in old Tibet, and to clarify the necessity and inevitability of completely abolishing the feudal serfdom in Tibet to implement democratic reforms, the 1st Beijing China Tibetology Seminar was held in Beijing during Sep.13-16, 1991. Its name was changed to "Beijing (International) Tibetology Seminar" at the 5th seminar in 2012.
The previous five seminars have made the platform a big success with wider attention, more academic achievements and extensive information exchanges. The seminar now covers a variety of topics including politics, economy, society, history, religion, culture, medicine, philosophy, archaeology, history, language, literature, art and ecology.
The 6th seminar: what to expect
This year’s seminar will continue to adhere to the principle of “inheriting culture, serving society”. It will serve as a platform to display and exchange the latest achievements in Tibetology research, as well as a channel to publicize Tibet-administration policy and promote economic and social development and long-term stability in Tibet and the Tibetan inhabited areas in the four provinces.
This seminar will be attended by 325 scholars and observers from China and overseas. They will be divided into 19 discussion groups to talk about a wide range of issues including contemporary politics, social transformation, economic development history, religion, culture, and ecology.
Scholars will also participate in a series of visits and research activities.
Today, Beijing (International) Tibetology Seminar has become one of the world’s largest Tibetan academic events with global influence.
About CTRC
As the highest institution of Tibetology research in China established in 1986, the CTRC aims to maintain national reunification, strengthen ethnic unity and promote the development, stability and spiritual civilization construction of Tibet and Tibetan inhabited areas in the four provinces. Its abundant research achievements and great contributions to Tibetan culture make CTRC the core and backbone in promoting the development of Beijing (International) Tibetology Seminar.
By: Tian Guangshan  Liu Qiang
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