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Nyingchi creates an eco-tourism season
By:China Tibet Online
update:July 21,2016
July 21, 2016 -- The average summer temperature in Nyingchi is 20 degrees with air oxygen content of 84%. It is the warmest and lowest altitude area in Tibet. When arriving in Nyingchi, is their enough oxygen and is it possible to get altitude sickness? “There’s plenty of forest cover and rich vegetation here, it is the Tibetan Plateau’s rare ‘oxygen bar’.”
Abundant resources have allowed Nyingchi, which was formerly a small agricultural town, to build an international eco-tourism area. Transportation facilities continue to improve, such as the opening of the Qinghai-Tibet railway and Nyingchi airport, leading to rapid growth in tourism in Nyingchi. Last year GDP exceeded the 10 billion yuan mark for the first time, a quarter of which came from tourism. 
With development of the local tourism industry, the farmers living here for generations have opened family hotels in addition to farming. Delicious yogurt and homemade highland barley have gradually become the sought-after food for tourists. 
“Here, we have wireless internet, milk tea and hot water,” said Pema while bringing tourists into his house in a small Tibetan building in Lulang, Nyingchi. 
Pema said that being able to eat meals on tour is thanks to government support and subsidies. There are also teachers guiding them how to decorate and run a hotel. Now, family hostels have developed into family-style hotels, generating an annual income of two to three million yuan. Today, Pema is following the trend by using the Internet: “Tourists can now book my hotel online at tourist websites and in peak season it’s fully booked!”
According to reports, eco-tourism has provided a path to richness for farmers. They have filled their wallets through engaging in tourism transport, renting horse clothing, selling souvenirs and other means. With the recent drive in the tourism industry, last year per capita income in pastoral areas surpassed 10,000 yuan for the first time, which is 1,600 yuan higher than Tibet’s average. 
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