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Tibet workers benefit from interest in local specialties
By:China Daily
update:May 25,2016
May 25, 2016 -- The number of products available that are distinctly from Tibet is growing fast, according to a news release issued by the Tibet Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision on Wednesday.
It said only four products were available five years ago that were formally marked as being from the autonomous region — carrying so-called geographic indicators. Now, there are 28.
Geographic indicators identify a product as originating in a territory of a particular country, a region, or a locality and are used when quality, reputation or other characteristic are strongly linked to the geographic location.
"The protection of products through geographic indicators is an intellectual property protection system for the products of a particular territory," explained Liu Jiajie, vice-secretary of the region's bureau of quality and technical supervision.
Liu said the system was initiated by the WTO and acts like an international passport that helps featured products in international markets.
In 2015, 10 Tibetan products were accepted to be recorded as having geographic indicators. They include Tibetan pork, stone pots, Tibetan chicken, yak meat, potatoes and walnuts.
Having more Tibetan products listed as products with geographic indicators means a brighter future for the Tibetan products market, the bureau said.
"It will enhance the reputation of Tibetan products, add value, and make them more competitive in the market," added Liu Hongchun, vice-director of the bureau.
Liu said that having local products protected as being from Tibet will benefit the local workforce, especially in rural areas, and such products will eventually become a major source of income. Liu said more people are already getting involved in the production of such items.
"The pig population has hit 400,000 in the region's Nyingchi city, and about half of the population of Tibet's Namling county now plant potatoes," Liu said.

By: Palden Nyima
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