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"Dangjiren" Horse Racing Festival kicked off on Aug. 8
By:China Tibet News
update:August 12,2020

Aug.12,2020 -- 2020 Damxung "Dangjiren" Horse Racing Festival kicked off on Aug. 8, at the racecourse in Damxung County of Lhasa City, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region. As one of the famous horse racing festivals in Tibet, this event has attracted a lot of tourists and celebrities gathering together. Being different from previous years, this year's festival has made full use of Internet and the concept of online tourism for the first time, creating "Online Horse Racing Festival" through the forms of 24-hour live broadcast, livestreaming sale and so on.

At around 9 am on Aug. 8, representatives of villages and towns in Damxung County brought their horses to the racetrack and dressed them up. There were no empty seat on the stage, and the wonderful performance drew intermittent applause and cheers.

Artistic performance and ethnic costume show were held on its opening ceremony. In the following days, race around Namco Lake, equestrian performances and many other horse racing events will be held successively. In addition, the festival also includes a number of traditional Tibetan sports and artistic programs, such as yak racing, holding stones, tug-of-war, circle dance, folk song singing, etc.

Through the perfect integration of Internet and tradition, "Dangjiren" Horse Racing Festival, which will last till Aug. 14, provides national and even global audiences with a multi-functional platform to know about a traditional horse racing festival, enjoy the races and natural scenery of Damxung County, as well as participate in interactive discussions.
By:Liu Fang, Tenzin Sydron
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