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Lhapa Tsering: an inheritor of carving techniques
By:China Tibet News
update:May 13,2020

Photo shows carved wood and carving knives. [China Tibet News/Lu Lijuan]

Photo shows Lhapa Tsering displaying miniature Tibetan wooden cabinet. [China Tibet News/Lu Lijuan]
Photo shows Lhapa Tsering concentrating on wood carving. [China Tibet News/Lu Lijuan]
May 13,2020 -- Tibetan wood carving is a blooming flower of art in the field of ethnic carving in southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region. With profound cultural background, ethnic characteristics, decorative interest, viewing value, as well as artistic charm, it is listed among intangible cultural heritages.
53-year-old Lhapa Tsering, a region-level inheritor of Lhasa wood carving, followed his master Dechen to learn wood carving techniques at the age of 16.
Farmers and Herdsmen Wood Carving Specialized Cooperative was established by Lhapa Tsering and his 13 apprentices in 2014. The decoration style in the cooperative is mainly Tibetan wood carvings with colorful Tibetan furniture and various embossing patterns, which makes people enjoy unique artistic atmosphere.  
Lhapa Tsering was rated among the first batch of "Inheritors of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Chengguan District of Lhasa City" in 2015, selected as a municipal level representative inheritor of "Lhasa Wood Carving" in Lhasa City intangible cultural heritage project in 2018, rated as a representative inheritor of the third batch of intangible cultural heritage and awarded the honorary title of "Tibetan Craftsman" in 2019.
"I'd like to open a wood carving shop, learn the model of Thangka inheritance, take on apprentices free of charge, thus making more people to learn and inherit this ancient skill." says Lhapa Tsering with regard to the future.

In 2019, Lhapa Tsering was awarded the honorary title of "Tibetan Craftsman". [China Tibet News/Lu Lijuan]
Photo shows Lhapa Tsering wiping his carved works. [China Tibet News/Lu Lijuan]

Photo shows Lhapa Tsering carefully guiding his apprentices. [China Tibet News/Lu Lijuan]

Photo shows various styles of wood carving technique including embossment, hollowing out, three-dimensional carving and others. [China Tibet News/Lu Lijuan]
By:Liu Fang, He Huizhong
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