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Tibet calls on citizens to reduce Tibetan New Year activities
update:February 20,2020
LHASA, Feb.20,2020 -- Authorities in southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region called on citizens not to hold or participate in group activities during the Tibetan New Year, which falls on Feb. 24.
The city of Shannan in the region posted an initiative on its official account on WeChat, a popular Chinese social media platform, calling on its citizens not to visit relatives or friends, nor to hold gatherings during the Tibetan New Year.
The district-level governments under the administration of Lhasa suspended gathering activities during the festival.
Lhasa has set up 157 direct selling stores and vehicles for the convenience of citizens buying daily necessities during the festival.
"We decided not to visit relatives or friends nor to gather for dinner during the festival," said Migmar Trinley, a resident in the city.
The Tibetan New Year is a traditional festival of the Tibetan ethnic minority.
The only patient infected with the novel coronavirus in Tibet was discharged from hospital after an 18-day treatment on Feb. 12.
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