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‘Jincheng Princess’ to be presented on Aug. 16
By:China Tibet News
update:August 16,2019
Aug.16, 2019 -- "Jincheng Princess" historical opera, forged by USUNHOME Group and Lhasa Tourism & Culture Group, will be staged on Aug. 16. As a key regional cultural tourism project, "Jincheng Princess" plays a significant role in building an important world tourism destination, developing cultural tourism and showing Tibetan culture.
"Jincheng Princess", a companion piece of "Princess Wencheng" Tibetan culture legendary opera, reflects the creative development of modern Tibetan culture and art. With brand new and modern performance, the opera vividly shows Jincheng Princess who is deeply loved by Tibetans and her lofty spirit. The highlight is that Han and Tibetan actors make the performance team together. The opera is also the result of the unity and cooperation between Han and Tibetan groups.
The story centers on Princess Jincheng's journey to Tibet 1,300 years ago, and her marriage with the Tibetan king. Comparing with "Princess Wencheng", it depicts the story in a different way. The opera focuses on the life of Princess Jincheng after her arrival in Tibet. Princess Jincheng has promoted the development of local medicine, hydropower and trade, having a profound effect on the local living conditions, economy, culture and agriculture. She has won Tibetan people's respect and composed another everlasting epic between Han and Tibetan groups. 
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