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Panchen Lama visits pastureland for inspection and research
By:China Tibet Online
update:August 01,2018
Aug.1,2018--On July 23, the Panchen Erdeni Choskyi Gyalpo set out to the Sheling Dorje Pochang Sepo Pastureland in Medrogongkar County of Lhasa to do investigative research.
After listening to leaders from the professional cooperative of the pastureland about grazing sites, dairy production and sales, and manufacturing work flows, the Panchen Lama praised the remarkable achievements made since the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Community Animal Husbandry Project was implemented in the pastureland.
The summer pastures are full of lively sceneries: bright wildflowers and flocks of yak provide the best scenes on Tibet's pastures. After the 11th Panchen Lama arrived at the grazing site, he spontaneously decided to go horseback riding, displaying his youthful and energetic side.

Concerned about breeding livestock

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