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Fifth national coordination conference on Tibetology work held in Beijing
By:China Tibet Online
update:May 29,2018
May 29,2018--The Fifth National Coordination Conference on Tibetology Work, sponsored by the China Tibetology Research Center, was held from May 19 to 22 in Beijing.
Comrade Serta with the United Front Work Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China attended the meeting and delivered a speech in which he fully affirmed the achievements made by the Chinese Tibetology community in recent years. Combined with the situation and tasks for Tibet-related work in a new era, he asked the community of Tibetology researchers to thoroughly carry out the Central Government's deployment on Tibet-related work, firmly grasp the correct political direction of Tibetology research, strengthen the ranks of Tibetology scholars, introduce more and better quality research, and strive to open a new era of Tibetan studies.
During the conference, the fourth China Tibetology Research Qomolangma Award Ceremony and a ceremony for the new China Tibetology Website were also held.
As the highest national award in the field of Tibetan studies in China, the Qomolangma Award is selected every four years, adhering to the tenet of "supporting Tibetan studies and promoting ethnic culture". There are six categories for awards, including one for texts in Chinese and one for texts in Tibetan, in addition to special awards and honor awards. In order to discover, nurture, and accrue young Tibetology research talents, this year's Qomolangma Award also set up the first Outstanding Youth Achievement Award.
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