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China's top political adviser stresses rule of law in dealing with religious affairs
By:China Tibet Online
update:September 21,2017

Sep.21,2017-- A session on implementing religious decisions and policies was held in Beijing, Sept.11.

Yu Zhengsheng, chairman of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) National Committee was present and gave a speech.

Yu Zhengsheng said the Chinese government attaches great importance to religious affairs and in recent years has proposed a series of new ideas related to that, which specify what the guidelines and tasks for religious work under the new situation is.

He said the freedom of religious belief policy should be fully implemented and the active role of religious figures should be fully played, as well as the rule of law should be enhanced in dealing with religious affairs.

Yu Zhengsheng stressed that we must curb the religious extremism and deal with conflicts and disputes involving ethnic and religious factors in accordance with law to safeguard social harmony and stability.

He stressed we must resolutely resist foreign infiltration by religious means and prevent missionary activities in schools, and should foster religious figures to improve their ability to inhibit extreme ideas and infiltration from abroad.

He also emphasized that the newly revised regulations on religious affairs should be seriously implemented and the ability to administer religious affairs with law should be continuously improved in accordance with the general requirements of rule by law.

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