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Intangible cultural heritage digitized for preservation in Tibet
By:China Tibet Online
update:September 15,2017
Sept.15,2017--A number of intangible cultural heritage items including the eight great traditional Tibetan operas, Tibetan dance, and the Gesar epic poem (the northern Tibet part) as well as Chamdo circle dance, Markham dramnyen, and Dengqen reba dance have been digitized for preservation purpose in southwest China's Tibet.
Zhou Hongyang, deputy director of the region's Cultural Affairs Bureau, said on September 11 that based on the degree to which intangible cultural heritage items are endangered, Tibet is carrying out recording projects to rescue them and has already completed the recording of 15 elderly national-level inheritors' performance.
Tibet has collected a total of more than 100,000 transcriptions, more than 1,500 audio and video tapes, and more than 40,000 photographs covering all categories of Tibet's intangible cultural heritage items.
Gyigyi, head of the Intangible Heritage Department of the region's Cultural Affairs Bureau, said Tibet is promoting the intangible cultural heritage through exhibition centers established in east China's Shanghai, south China's Shenzhen, and Kathmandu, Nepal.
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