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Overseas students experience Tibetan culture in SW China
By:China Tibet Online
update:August 16,2017
Aug.8,2017--On August 1, twenty students from 10 countries including Russia, Poland, and Yemen attended the "2017 Overseas Students' Tour of Sichuan" and left for Garze and Aba of southwest China's Sichuan Province to experience Tibetan folk culture.
On the night of August 1, it was a festive sight at Kangding Square when hundreds of Tibetans started dancing the Guozhuang dance. Daniel, a student from Russia, joined in and said, "I've never danced with so many people together; this is so exciting!" Later, led by a local Tibetan young man, the students started to sing the Love Song of Kangding.
At noon on August 2, the students visited a local Tibetan home. They tried the butter tea, tsamba, yak meat, and other traditional Tibetan food. Adu, a student from Yemen, said, "The tradition here is like what we have back home." In Yemen, they also gather in front of a long table and eat in a row.
That night, the students stayed at the Tibetan village in Danba County. The students, long used to city living, were really amazed by the traditional style of life and unique customs. Adu was full of compliments as he talked about the trip. "Fantastic and fabulous", he said.
During the five-day trip, the students will also visit Barkam and Li County in Aba to get an in-depth experience of the Tibetan-inhabited areas of Sichuan.
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