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Tibetan monks livelihood greatly improved
update:November 24,2016
Nov. 24, 2016 -- "The living conditions and practicing conditions have been greatly improved compared with the past. We have houses to live, places to see doctors and old-age insurance," said Zhaxi Luobu, a monk in Ruba Temple in Nimu County of Lhasa, capital of Tibet Autonomous Region. 
"Our temple is located in rural areas. There were little revenues of the temple. The monks in the temple lived a poor life. In recently years, the government takes a series of policies to benefit the monks. Living supplies are sufficient and we also participate in the medical insurance and old-age insurance. A free physical check is offered for us every year," added Zhaxi.
"The cadres visited my family and cared for them. So we could focus on the practicing," said Suolang Danzeng, a monk in Sa’a Temple, in Dazi County of Lhasa. 
By: Qu Yungui
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