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Chinese and Western medicine combined to benefit villagers
By:China Tibet Online
update:December 25,2018
Dec. 25, 2018 -- The Shuigou Village Chinese and Western Medicine Health Care Center is the first village-level health care center that combines both traditional Chinese and Western medicine established in Jiuzhaigou County, Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, southwest China's Sichuan Province.

It was seen that the health care center includes a physiotherapy room, a Chinese medicine hall, Chinese medicine store, traction equipment, ultraviolet disinfectant lamps, hospital beds, acupuncture, and other basic tools.

Why is there a Chinese and Western medicine health center in a village?

"In order to give villagers access to physiotherapy and Chinese medicine products, last year we added some Chinese medicine facilities . The doctors at the health center are proficient in both Chinese and Western medicine, and they are locally very famous," said Pu Wenchao, the First Party Secretary of the Shuigou Village.

In recent years, Jiuzhaigou County has started to implement poverty alleviation projects in promoting health care by reducing medical expenses, improving medical standards, and opening up channels for enrichment, achieving such that minor illnesses can be contained within a village, chronic illnesses can be contained within a township, and major illnesses can be contained within a county. Efforts are been made so that people can see a good doctor, when falling in to illness, can afford to see a doctor and can be cured.

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