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The story of Tibetan and Han businessmen in Chengdu
By:China Tibet Online
update:July 03,2018

The Jiarong Delek Furniture Store has an inconspicuous narrow shop door, but when picking up steps on the second floor, one will find a variety of Tibetan style furniture full of the nearly 200 square meters space.
Geshi, a staff of the store, told the reporter that the store is a sale window that is conducive to open the market for their company headquartered in the Maerkang County of Aba, where their own studio and plant locate. Apart from Tibetan-style furniture, it also sells decorative artworks and gifts.

In addition to Tibetan businessmen, there are also many Han businessmen there, most of whom are from the periphery of Chengdu.
Elder He, from the Neijiang City of Sichuan, has witnessed changes of these streets in the 20 years.
Drinking buttered tea is a must for Tibetan people's daily dietary. With the popularization of electricity, today's Tibetan families almost all use electric butter barrels to make butter tea. Elder He saw the business opportunities, and has engaged in the electric butter barrel business early. After doing this for 20 years, he has set up complete wholesale and sale channels.
Elder He told the reporter, electric butter barrel revolves up to 12,000 rpm, compared to traditional hand-made method in the butter barrel, it is more convenient and fast, so it is very popular in Tibetan-inhabited areas and sells very well.
Xiao Hui, from Hubei Province, operates a Tibetan jewelry store there. He said that many Tibetan friends he and his elder sister made have become their fixed customers and he also fell in love with the unique Tibetan culture in the years of his involvement in Tibetan jewelry business.
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