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Party chief of a Tibetan village leads villagers out of poverty
update:August 24,2020
Aug.24,2020 -- Tongxia Village in Chengguan Town, Changdu City has transformed itself from an impoverished village to a well-known beautiful and prosperous village. The changes should be partly attributed to Jiayong Nima, now party chief of the village who has led villagers to get rid of poverty.
“When I was a child, many local people begged for a life,” said 55-year-old Jiayong Nima. “In 1983, I bought a tractor and began to do transport business for 18 years,” he said. During the period, he set up the first Zanba mill in the village. On account of his business talent, he made a success in the business. He also helped his peer villagers to get business opportunities. With his help, 10 households in the village have been engaged in transport business and their lives have changed for the better.
In 2001, he was elected secretary of the Tongxia village Party branch. To be fully involved in the job and help the village shake off poverty, he sold his beloved truck, closed the profitable grocery store and stopped doing the transport business. As a result, he earned 200,000 yuan less every year. Some people felt pity for him. However, he said: “A single flower does not make spring, while one hundred flowers in full blossom bring spring to the garden.” He hopes that not only his family becomes rich, but other villagers can also become wealthy.
In order to make villagers live better lives, Jiayong Nima organized young herdsmen in the village to form a construction crew. They did really good jobs at the Changdu construction market.
In recent years, villagers have more diverse income sources such as the construction limited liability company, the rent of 8 newly established logistic warehouses and local guesthouses. In 2019, the per capita disposable income reached 25,000 yuan.
Tongxia Village also pays high attention to environmental protection. The whole village has made a lot of efforts to deal with the barren hills. Since 2016, 15,167 trees have been planted with an investment of 1.08 million yuan. A green and beautiful village presents itself before people.
By:Zhou Tianyu
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