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Ten years after quake in Yushu: Once a student, now a teacher
update:April 15,2020

April 15,2020 -- “Teachers are like the sun, showing us the way in the dark; teachers are like waterfalls, watering us to better grow up,” wrote Gongbao Duojie in 2012, when he was a senior high school student. 
It has been ten years since a grave earthquake struck Yushu city in 2010, and Duojie has become a Tibetan language teacher in his alma mater.
Duojie clearly remembers the day when the earthquake happened. As soon as I arrived at the classroom that morning, the world was shaking. Then we ran out into the playground, seeing the collapse of the building and dust all around us, said Duojie. Duojie’s father and him were fine, but his uncle died in the quake. 
As the quake-hit city underwent all-round renovation, students were transferred to nearby Sichuan province to continue their study, and Duojie was one of them.
I was puzzled during the first year there and didn’t know what the future would bring. But our teachers gave us much-needed care, helping me make up my mind to study hard to make contributions to my hometown.
Two years later, Duojie and his friends came back to Yushu to attend the college entrance examination. As he wished, Duojie was finally enrolled in the Qinghai Normal University. During his vacations, he always volunteered to give lessons to children in Yushu for free, encouraging them to pursue their dreams.
After graduation, Duojie became a teacher in his alma mater. Many of my high school friends came back, and we all want to do what we can to make our hometown better, said Duojie.
Duojie is eager to travel to Sichuan someday as Sichuan is his second hometown, giving him hope in a time of desperation. The love and gratitude that he felt will be remembered and pass on to the new generation of Yushu people, said Duojie.
By:Jia Puyu
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