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Prevalence of echinococcosis drops to nation’s average level
update:April 08,2020
April 8,2020 -- The incidence rate of echinococcosis in Tibet has decreased from 1.66% in 2016 to 0.26%, very close to the national average of 0.24%.
Echinococcosis is a kind of parasitic disease that can damage liver, lung, brain and bones. In Tibet, the disease is endemic in all 74 counties, which is an important reason for farmers and herdsmen slipping back into poverty.
In 2017, Tibet tested 2.904 million people, accounting for 99.21% of its population, for echinococcosis and found 26,846 confirmed cases. 
In order to treat echinococcosis effectively, Tibet has designated three hospitals to provide free surgery for patients. By the end of 2019, 5,057 patients had received operations with a recovery rate of 77.62%. So far, the incidence rate of echinococcosis in 72 counties has dropped to less than 1%.
By:Zhou Tianyu
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