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Tibet’s largest water conservancy project to be completed in 2020
update:March 31,2020

Photo provided by La Luo Water Conservancy and Irrigation Management Bureau.
March 31,2020 -- 96% of the construction of La Luo water conservancy and irrigation project, the largest investment in Tibet’s water conservancy history, has been completed. The project will be put in operation in 2020.
The project is located in Sajia County and Sang Zizhu District of Shigatse with an elevation of 4,300 meters. The project comprises of a dam, a spillway, power stations and irrigation tunnels. The total capacity of the reservoir is 296.5 million cubic meters with a 61.5-meter-high dam. 441 million yuan has been put in the project so far and another 26 million yuan will be invested in 2020.
“We adopted many new technologies like replacing alkali-aggregate with acidic aggregate. It is the first application in China. To examine the functions and lifetime of acidic aggregate, we have conducted many scientific experiments. It is also beneficial to our future large water conservancy projects,” said Wang Jia, deputy director of La Luo Water Conservancy and Irrigation Management Bureau.
When the project is accomplished, the irrigation rate of the local farmland will reach 75%. It will also play an important role in sandstorm and flood prevention.
By:Zhou Tianyu

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