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5.3% of Tibet covered in wetlands
update:March 26,2020
March 26,2020 -- According to the second survey of Tibet’s wetlands, 5.3% of Tibet is covered in wetlands of various types. The total area of the wetlands of over eight hectares reaches 6.5 million hectares.
99.92% of Tibet’s wetlands are natural wetlands, among which there are 3.035 million hectares of lake wetlands and 434,500 hectares of river wetlands.
Many major rivers in China like the Yarlung Zangbo River and the Yangtze River start from or flow through Tibet. The wetlands not only serve as an important source of oxygen for various species on the plateau but also balance the river ecosystem.
Tibet has adopted a series of policies and regulations on the protection of wetlands. Three wetlands in Tibet have been included in the List of Major International Wetlands, 13 in the List of Major National Wetlands. The plateau region has set up 15 wetland natural reserves and 22 national wetland parks.
By:Zhou Tianyu
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