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SW China’s Diqing lifts 72,560 people out of poverty
update:March 19,2020
March 19,2020 -- By the end of 2019, 72,560 people in Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of southwest China’s Yunnan province had got rid of poverty and 147 villages in the prefecture were taken off from the list of poverty villages. The occurrence rate of poverty has decreased to 0.53%. 
Diqing was once one of the indigent areas and has an impoverished population of 73,998 with a poverty rate of 24.95%. Since the poverty alleviation initiative was launched, Diqing has made remarkable achievements. Shangri-la city and Deqing county have also been taken off from the poverty list.
Shi Chunde, director of the Poverty Alleviation and Development Office of Diqing Government, said that 2.434 billion yuan was put in poverty alleviation projects in 2018 and 2.607 billion yuan in 2019.
Diqing has launched the 100-day Poverty Alleviation Initiative this year. It will support people’s employment, enterprises’ development and the employment of those relocated households. For the areas out of poverty, the supporting policies will keep in place in order to prevent them from relapsing to poverty.
By:Zhou Tianyu
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