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Tibet adopts measures to popularize epidemic knowledge
update:March 10,2020
March 10,2020 -- New terms on the knowledge of COVID-19 have been introduced into Tibetan language to help Tibetans learn more about the disease.
Yixi Sangbu, director of the Tibetan Language Standardization Department of the Tibetan Language Committee of Tibet Autonomous Region, said that the new Tibetan words and terms involve 7 fields such as the name of the epidemic, epidemic prevention measures, symptoms of the disease and the names of equipment, which provide language standards for the spread of epidemic prevention knowledge.
Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, Tibet has invited experts from Tibetan medicine hospitals and the regional center for disease control to record more than 10 TV shows on epidemic prevention in both Tibetan and Chinese languages and made a special TV program Healthy Tibet to promote epidemic prevention knowledge.
33-year-old Lausanne has developed a Gesar-style rap to raise public awareness. The Tibetan theatrical troupe has created many artistic works on epidemic prevention in the form of traditional dance and Tibetan drama, which have been promoted on Wechat.
By:Zhou Tianyu
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