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Tibet to start 201 water conservancy projects in 2020
update:March 09,2020

In 2020, Tibet plans to continue the construction of 150 water conservancy projects unfinished last year. The construction of Laluo Water Conservancy Project, Xianghe Water Conservancy Project and Zhachangga Reservoir Project have already resumed. The remaining 147 projects will resume construction in late March. 
March 9,2020 -- In 2020, Tibet plans to start the construction of 201 new water conservancy projects and 210 million yuan are going to be invested in water conservancy maintenance and flood prevention. These projects are about to begin in the late March depending on weather.
To finish the Xianghe Water Conservancy Project on schedule, construction workers didn’t put it down in the winter of 2019. Since Feb.28, the project has entered the all-round construction period. Once finished, the project will improve local irrigation conditions for agriculture and forestry. It will also provide local urban and rural residents and industrial production with water, which will play a positive role in the economic and social development. 
Regarding to the Laluo Water Conservancy Project, the construction of the dam and tunnel projects didn’t stop either in the winter of 2019 in order to meet the deadline before the end of 2020. The other parts of the project will resume construction in late march or early April. By March 4th, 4.405 billion yuan have been invested in the project. 96% of its pivotal project and 94% of its irrigated areas have been accomplished.
329 million yuan has been put in the Zhachangga Reservoir Project so far. 2020 is a pivotal year for the building of the reservoir. The construction of the project has resumed since Feb.29 to keep pace with the schedule.
By:Zhou Tianyu
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