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40 snow leopards monitored in Qinghai
update:February 17,2020
Feb.17, 2020 -- In Zaduo County, Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Qinghai province, researchers identified 40 snow leopards using infrared cameras, the largest population of snow leopards monitored by this means in the world.

A snow leopard is captured by an infrared camera. [Photo provided by Yuanshangcao Natural Conservation Center in Qinghai province.]
A snow leopard is not identified by itsfacial features but by its spots and stripes. “Usually a snow leopard is divided into several parts and if the stripes of three or more parts are the same, it is considered the same snow leopard,” said Xu Xiang, director of the Three River Source project in the Shanshui Natural Conservation Center.
Zaduo County is known as “the town of snow leopards in China.”Researchers set up more than 80 infrared cameras in Angsai Village of the county. More than 300,000 photos were recorded by trained herdsmen and 40 snow leopards have been identified in the region.
China is home to the largest distribution of snow leopards in the world, accounting for 60%of their habitats.

By: Zhou Tianyu
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