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First online fever clinic in Tibet opens
update:February 13,2020

Scan the QR code to follow the Wechat account “The Third People’s Hospital in Tibet Autonomous Region”.
Feb.13, 2020 -- In order to make it convenient for patients to connect with doctors and get timely medical advice during the epidemic, the Third People’s Hospital in Tibet Autonomous Region has opened an online fever clinic. It’s the first online fever clinic in the region. Online clinics can both reduce the possibility of infection and ensure that suspected patients get timely medical help before getting worse.
How does the process work? First, people have to follow the account “The Third People’s Hospital in Tibet Autonomous Region” on Wechat and choose “Online Inquiry” on the menu. After registration with real name, patients can get to the doctor’s page to make an appointment with doctors online and confirm the reservation information.
“The doctors from various departments are on duty in turn to offer online services. We will provide patients with online inquiry service on hepatopathy and tuberculosis in the future to better serve people’s needs,” said Luo Qiaoxia, deputy director of Tuberculosis Service of the hospital.

By: Zhou Tianyu
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