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Village chief uses internet to help people alleviate poverty
update:February 06,2020

Zhang Fei (R) helps villagers sell apple by a live streaming platform.

Zhang Fei(2nd, R) takes lunch with guests at the Lotus restaurant in Machang village, Meixing Town.

Zhang Fei and his wife Li Ping check the sausage and preserved meat at the Lotus restaurant.

Zhang Fei helps apple farmers move foam baffles used to wrap up apples.

Zhang Fei talks to fruit growers.

Li Ping, Zhang Fei’s wife,inputs delivery information at an express company.

Feb.6, 2020 -- 34-year-old Zhang Fei is the Party chief of Ganjiagou village, Ngawa Tibetan Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, southwest China’s Sichuan province. With an average elevation of 3,300 meters, the village lies deep in the mountain and is not easy to access.
In 2017, Zhang decided to use the internet to promote the village’s beautiful scenery and specialties to help villagers get rid of poverty.
Zhang took short videos of Ganjiagou and nearby villages and put them on the internet. In a short video taken in July of 2019, Zhangand his family were having a meal at the Lotus restaurant in Machang village with a floating sea of clouds behind them. The scenery was so fascinating that the video became a hit on the internet and the Lotus restaurant and the “village on clouds” become well-known. Zhang’s short videos also feature local specialties and food. Preserved meat, sausage, apple, honey and yak meat grown in Ganjiagou and nearby villages have been sold to all parts of China through live streaming platforms. People’s lives there have been changed.
Zhang plans to establish Star Guesthouse and Yoga Studio to attract more tourists. He hopes to go on his work in the future to help villagers to live better lives.

By: Zhou Tianyu
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