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Tibetan cultural delegation visits Finland
update:September 26,2019
Sept.26, 2019 -- A Tibetan cultural delegation, organized by the State Council Information Office of China and led by Zhang Yun, director of the Institute of History of China Tibetology Research Center, visited Finland from Sept.22nd to Sept.24th. During the visit, the delegation exchanged views with local media, academics and overseas Chinese in Finland.
This year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China and the 60th anniversary of Tibet's democratic reform. Zhang introduced Tibet’s achievements in social, economic and cultural development, especially the protection and development of traditional Tibetan culture. Xinghai, a China expert in Finland, said that she and her husband had visited Tibet more than once and witnessed the changes in recent decades. Not only is Tibet’s transportation convenient, but many temples have been restored. She hoped to visit it again in a few years.
In his interview with the Helsinki Times, Zhang said that compared with the western developed countries, China is still a developing country attaching great importance to people’s rights to subsistence and development.
Tibet enjoyed the same freedom of religious belief as other parts of the country. In addition to Tibetan Buddhism, there are also Bonismo, Islam, Catholicism and Taoism in Tibet. There are 1,787 temples and 46,000 monks and nuns in Tibet, said Zhang.
While developing tourism, Tibet has been committed to environmental protection. At present, Tibet is still one of the areas with the best air and water quality in the world. But we should keep a sense of crisis. Since the plateau ecology is fragile, it is difficult to recover once destroyed, Zhang warned.
At present, with the support of the central government, provinces and municipalities across the country, Tibet is on the way to lifting the last group of 150,000 people out of poverty. 
The visit will also take the delegation to Sweden.
By:Geng Yifei

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