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Tibetan cultural delegation visits Denmark
update:September 23,2019
Sept.23, 2019 -- A Tibetan cultural delegation , organized by the State Council Information Office of China and led by Zhang Yun, director of the Institute of History of China Tibetology Research Center, visited Denmark from Sept.18th to Sept.21st. During the visit, the delegation exchanged views on Tibet's politics, economy, culture and religion with local politicians, academics and overseas Chinese.
The delegation introduced the economic and social progress of Tibet, which cannot be achieved without the unwavering support from the central government and the CPC Central Committee.The delegation expressed hope to enhance exchanges between the two sides to eliminate misunderstandings on Tibet-related issues.
Before the peaceful liberation of Tibet, the right to education was a privilege for Tibetan aristocrats. Since 1959, the common people in Tibet have got access to education. Learning Tibetan language is compulsory during the compulsory education period. In addition, Tibetan culture and Tibetan medicine have been well inherited, protected and developed.
The Constitution of China also ensures that people across the country enjoy the freedom of religious belief. The members of the delegation gave an introduction of how religious freedom has been protected in Tibet with their own experience.
Denmark is one of the first western countries to establish diplomatic relations with China. Next year, Denmark and China will celebrate the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations, according to officials of the International Department of the Danish Parliament. The Danish government has always adhered to the One China policy and recognized Tibet as an integral part of China, which is also the consensus of the majority party in the Danish Parliament. 
The visit will take the delegation to Finland and Sweden.
By:Geng Yifei
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