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Number of Tibetan antelopes rises to over 150,000 in Nagqu Prefecture
update:August 02,2019
Aug.2, 2019 -- Nagqu city, located in the north part of Tibet Autonomous Region, has seen a growing wildlife population year by year thanks to its efforts to strengthen wetlands protection. There are more than 150,000 Tibetan antelopes, over 10,000 wild yaks and about 80,000 plus Tibetan wild donkeys at present, according to the latest data from the Nagqu Bureau of Forestry. 
With three counties of Nagqu belonging to the Qiangtang National Nature Reserve, the wetland area takes up almost 7% of the whole prefecture. 
At present, Nagqu has built up two wetlands of international importance, six national wetland parks and finished the building of Mitika wetland state-level nature reserve, Xainza County pilot project of Serling Tso Lake state-level nature reserve. The habitat of wildlife animals has been improved and the biodiversity has increased. 
Nagqu has brought wetland protection in line with its ecological civilization construction. 8,894 transferred employees were employed as wetland protectors and supervisors for the protection and restoration of wetlands.
Besides, Nagqu has also cracked down on all kinds of illegal and criminal activities detrimental to wetlands and wildlife resources. In 2018, the local government saved 15 species of wildlife animals, 21 heads altogether, and carried out five special inspections of law enforcement aiming at wildlife animal protection.
By: Gao Jingna
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