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Qamdo to realize education modernization in 2020
update:March 21,2019
Mar. 21, 2019 -- Qamdo Municipal Experimental Primary School, built in 1951, is known as the first modern school built by the Communist Party of China in Tibet, and is regarded as the starting point of the region’s modern education. Since its establishment, the school has cultivated talents for Tibet’s development. The school aims to initially realize education modernization in 2020.
Mar. 21, 2019 -- A teaching building at Qamdo Municipal Experimental Primary School. (Photo/Qi Yu)
Mar. 21, 2019 -- Students of Qamdo Municipal Experimental Primary School play sports on the playground. (Photo/Qi Yu)
Mar. 21, 2019 -- Students of Qamdo Municipal Experimental Primary School perform “Xianzi”, a Tibetan traditional dance. (Photo/Qi Yu)

Mar. 21, 2019 -- A student gives an introduction of the history and achievements of the school. (Photo/Qi Yu)

Mar. 21, 2019 -- Reproductions of school items used in the 1950s. (Photo/Qi Yu)

Mar. 21, 2019 -- Since 1984, Qamdo Municipal Experimental Primary School has won 17 national honorary titles and 17 regional ones. (Photo/Qi Yu)
Mar. 21, 2019 -- Photo shows a future classroom in the school. Compared with traditional classrooms, the future classroom can present more vivid content to students. (Photo/Qi Yu)

By: Ma Yangyang
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