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Tibetologists from China visit Belgium
update:June 29,2018
June 29,2018--A Chinese delegation of Tibetologists visited Brussels, capital of Belgium Tuesday.
During the visit, the delegation held in-depth discussions with more than 50 people from government, media, academy and other circles, giving them a glance into Tibet's history, culture, economy and society.
Hao Shiyuan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and president of Chinese Anthropological Society, gave a presentation themed on " History and Reality of Tibet". Hao gave a graphic account of the great progress in Tibet's economic development, cultural protection, education, improvement of people's livelihood, human rights protection and freedom of religious belief since the democratic reform in 1959.
Zha Luo, researcher of China Tibetology Research Center, said Qinghai-Tibet Plateau is an important ecological barrier for Asia and the world. Governments at all levels in Tibet have attached high importance to ecological protection. 
State-level Nature Reserves in Tibet account for 34 percent of the total area of Tibet, and Tibet has created 620,000 jobs for ecological construction. 
China is willing to work with the international community to carry out scientific research and policy coordination to resolve the common challenges faced by mankind, Zha added.
Gesang Yixi, researcher of Tibetan Academy of Social Sciences, used his own experience as examples of Tibet’s efforts to protect Tibetan language and promote bilingual education.
By:Geng Yifei
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