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Tibetologists from China visit Berlin
update:May 25,2018
May 25,2018--A Chinese delegation of Tibetologists paid a three-day visit to Berlin, capital of Germany, from May 21 to 23.
The delegation led by Zhang Yun, director of the Institute of History, China Tibetology Research Center, held indepth discussions with German officials and media on the history, culture, religion and economic-social development in Tibet.
Zhang said that China has been an inclusive multi-ethnic country since the ancient times and all the ethnic minorities have contributed to the development of the Chinese nation. The essence of the system of regional ethnic autonomy lies in getting all ethnic minorities closer like a family.
“Supported by the system of regional ethnic autonomy and preferential polices issued by the central government, remarkable achievements and dramatic changes have been made in Tibet, especially in tourism, Tibetan medicine and traditional handcrafts industries. Great efforts have also been made to protect the eco-environment in Tibet. 
Tibet is becoming more and more open and more visitors are welcome to see a a real Tibet,” Zhang said in an interview with The Time Weekly.
During their meeting, the delegates gave an introduction of Tibet's history and reiterated that Tibet has been a part of Chinese territory since the ancient times. 
Tibet will enhance exchanges with the world to reduce bias on China’s policies on Tibet and strengthen mutual understanding.
The delegation will visit Hamburg, Netherlands and Latvia after leaving Berlin.
By:Ma Yangyang
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