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Time to harvest highland barley in Tibet

As autumn approaches in Tibet, it is time to harvest highland barley again. With the farmlands gradually becoming dyed by the golden barley, it is a busy but happy season for Tibetan people on the plateau.

Red lilies boom in autumn of Tibet

In recent days, a stretch of red lilies are vying with each other for blossom in the agricultural science demonstration area of the Tibet Academy of Agricultural and Animal Husbandry Sciences. It has attracted many people to take photos of these beautiful flowers with black marks on curling petals.

Tibet in bright colors in autumn

The bewitching autumn scenery in Tibet, southern China. When autumn, the most romantic season of the year, approaches, Tibet takes on its gorgeous face with shining color. Golden leaves, blue sky, clear air and endless mountain ranges which might not totally shake off the snow necklace, compose the breathtaking scenery on highland.

Mid-autumn best moon watching site in Tibet

As the highest geographical point, the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau is undoubtedly the best site to watch the moon.

Autumn sight of Tibet

Early autumn breezes in Tibet ruffle grass yellow. With flocks and herds growing plump, herdsmen are beaming and singing happy melody.
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