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Cultural feast during Shoton Festival in Lhasa

Actors perform Tibetan opera during the week-long Shoton Festival at Norbu Lingka in Lhasa, capital of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, Aug. 7, 2013. Every year, all opera troupes across Tibet compete and perform Tibetan opera in Lhasa, bringing a cultural feast for locals and tourists.

Grand Buddha painting unfolded in major monastery, Lhasa

A grand Buddha painting unfolding ceremony was held in Deprung Monastery, one of the three main monasteries of Gelug sect of Tibetan Buddhism on Aug.6, the first day of the Shoton Festival in Lhasa. As the introducing part of the Shoton Festival, the ceremony attracts pilgrims and tourists coming from afar.

Panorama of Buddha painting unfolding ceremony in Lhasa Shoton Festival

On April, 6th, the Buddha painting unfolding ceremony was inaugurated in Drepung Monastery of Lhasa, serving as the prelude to the celebration of the annual Shoton Festival in Tibet. The Shoton Festival is set between late June and early July in Tibetan calendric system.

Photo: night gala to welcome the advent of Shoton Festival

Tibetan songs and dances, fireworks attract flocks of tourists and pedestrians to gather at the square of Potala Palace as a grand party falls on the night of Aug.6, the introducing day of the 7-day Shoton Festival, or Yogurt Festival in Lhasa. With the theme of "Happy Lhasa, Beautiful Home", this year's festival includes events such as Tibetan opera, Buddha photo and Tibetan mask exhibitions, and long-distance hikes, according to the city government.

Yogurt festival marked in Lhasa

Thousands of people celebrated the unrolling of the thangka — a giant religious silk embroidery — to kick off the start of the Lhasa Yogurt Festival on Tuesday. Accompanied by the sound of horns reverberating through the valley, monks slowly unrolled the thangka on the mountainside behind the Drepung Monastary in the capital of the Tibet autonomous region at about 8 am.

Buddhists, tourists celebrate major Tibetan festival

Hundreds of thousands of Buddhists and tourists from home and abroad flocked to a reputed Tibetan monastery to celebrate the kick-off of the annual Shoton festival on Tuesday.

Buddha Painting Unfolding Ceremony opens in Lhasa

The annual Shoton Festival in Lhasa, capital city of Tibet, usually starts with a grand Buddha Painting Unfolding Ceremony in the Sera Monastery, one of the three biggest monasteries in Lhasa, so does this year. Buddhists from all over Tibet soon applauded and cheered up the moment the Thangka is completely outspread, throwing white hada scarves to the painting to pay respect to the Buddha.

Shoton Festival is second only to Tibetan New Year

For Tibetans, the Shoton Festival is second only to the Tibetan New Year, or Losar. People get a week off to pray and play. The word Shoton means yogurt banquet. But these days, it takes on all forms of celebrations.

3rd Tangka Art Exposition opens in Lhasa berofe Shoton

Photo taken on Aug. 3 shows Tibetan masks displayed at a Tibetan masks art exhibition in Lhasa. The opening of this Tibetan masks art exhibition on Saturday also marks the beginning of 2013 Shoton Festival, one of the most important festivals in Tibetan calendar.

New elements in Lhasa Shoton Festival 2013

The 2013 Lhasa Shoton Festival (Aug.6 to 12) will bring a lot of new things apart from the original three activities, Great Buddha Display, Tibetan Opera Show and Horsemanship & Yak Race Show, to display the Tibetan culture and attract tourists.

"Shoton Star" singing contest ends in Lhasa

Tashi Yangzom, champion of original music, perform during the 5th "Shoton Star" singing contest, which came to an end with 3 final Shoton Stars in Lhasa TV station in Lhasa, capital of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, August 4, 2013.

Tibetan mask exhibition launched in Lhasa, unveiling the 2013 Shoton Festival

A Tibetan mask exhibition was launched in Lhasa on August 3 to unveil the curtain for the 2013 Shoton Festival. Tibetan mask, with a history of over one thousand years, is an indispensable part of traditional opera and folk dance in Tibet.

Funs in horse-racing before Shoton

As the Shoton Festival is coming on Tuesday, Tibet has kicked off many celebration events including a horse-racing competition called Chob Gangkar Horse-racing Festival held in Nyemo County of Lhasa on Aug. 1.

Excellent works displayed at 3rd Tangka Art Exposition

The Third Tangka Art Exposition has opened at Norbu Lingka in Lhasa of Tibet Autonomous Region on Aug. 3, 2013. A total of over 230 pieces of Tangka works of different schools are displayed during the nine-day exhibition, bringing the local people and tourists a Tibetan cultural feast.

Nyemo Qiongmu Gangkar Horse Racing Festival opens

The 1st Nyemo Qiongmu Gangkar Horse Racing Festival was launched in Nyemo County of Lhasa, capital city of Tibet Autonomous Region on August 1. Launched at the foot of the Mt. Qiongmu Gangkar with an elevation above 7,000 meters, the competion requires good healthy condition and great horsing skills.
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