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Chinese Tibetologists examine three periods of Western views on Tibet
    Date:11-06-2014 Source:China Tibet Online Author:Ellen Liu    

Nov.6,2014--At a Nov. 3 press conference at the "2014 Tibetan Culture Week in Canada" in Vancouver, Tibetologists said to the media that Western knowledge of Tibet spans three periods in history, and now Westerners have more access to different sources about the truth of Tibet from within Tibet, chinanews.com reports.

Palbar Lhamo, associate researcher of the Institute of Contemporary Tibet of the Tibet Academy of Social Sciences, answered questions about the differences between the real Tibet and the western perception of Tibet. He said the institute is working on a research project called "Tibet in the eyes of Westerners", in which three periods are established from the 1930s to the 1940s, the 1950s to the 1980s, and from the 1980s until now.

Palbar Lhamo said, by comparing books published in each of these three periods, we can see clearly that the Westerners’ knowledge of Tibet was rooted in travelogues and diaries written by Westerners in the first period. In the second period, Westerns learned about Tibet from books published by the “Tibetan government-in-exile,” and in the third period they learned from books and magazines published by both of the governments of China and the Tibet Autonomous Region. There is much more information in the third period and published works has become more objective. "The misperceptions and misunderstandings of the West toward Tibet are a result of their limited texts written by western travelers or Tibetans in exile," Palbar Lhamo said. “For this reason, China has organized "Tibetan Culture Week event and other cultural exchange activities so the international community can hear the truth and voice of Tibet." 

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