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Notable progress has been made in the conditions of basic education of Nyingchi Prefecture
    Date:09-06-2011 Source:chinatibetnews.com Author:    

In recent years, Nyingchi Prefecture has attached great importance to the development of education and took various measures to get the financial support to strengthen the construction of educational infrastructure facilities. The achievements of "Two Basics"(basically popularizing nine-year compulsory education and basically eliminating illiteracy among the young and middle-aged) have been continuously consolidated and reinforced, and the conditions of education have been notably improved so as to meet the needs for learning and teaching.

In recent years, Nyingchi Prefecture has made efforts to get the financial support from the government and superior departments, actively implemented many key projects, such as the "Project for Compulsory Education in Poverty-stricken Areas", "Reconstruction Project of Dilapidated Buildings in Rural Primary and Secondary Schools", "Construction Project of Boarding Schools in Rural Areas". 361.82 mln yuan financial support from the government and superior departments has been allocated to reconstruct nearly 100 schools, with the reconstructed school buildings covering an area of 142230.3 square metres, and the newly- built school buildings up to 182541.5 square metres, which greatly improved the education conditions. Projects in aid of Tibet have been education-oriented, which propelled the great-leap-forward development of the "Two Basics" Project in Tibet. Ever since the "Two Basics" Project was launched, over 101 mln yuan of aid-the-Tibet fund has been invested to support Tibet's education to compensate the shortage of funds for the work of "Two Basics". Meanwhile, the amount of financial fund for education has been increased. The goverments at county and prefecture levels guaranteed that the invested money had been put in the right place timely and met the required proportion. From 2003 to 2010, the amount of financial fund for education at county and prefecture levels reached 191.22 mln yuan.

Besides, Nyingchi Prefecture has made efforts to get social fund for education by means of donations and putting labor into educational work. Since 2003, governments at various levels and educational departments of Nyingchi Prefecture have obtained the social support equal to 35.48 mln yuan, which created a good situation for education that was financed by the government and supported by the society.

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