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Miracle in the development of Tibet's education over the past 60 years
    Date:09-06-2011 Source:chinatibetnews.com Author:    

Students from Chamdo Experimental Primary School are dressed in ethnic costumes. [Photo/Chinatibetnews]

"Basically popularizing nine-year compulsory education and basically eliminating illiteracy among the young and middle-aged"(hereinafter "Two Basics") is a morale project of the CPC Committee of Tibet Autonomous Region and Tibetan Government for the construction of harmonious society, which lays a solid foundation for the implementation of talents strategy to make Tibet more prosperous and vigorous, for all-round development of economy and society in Tibet.

In September of 2011, the Central Government will carry out an overall inspection and appraisal on the work for "Two Basics" in Tibet. As Tibet is making all efforts to prepare for the national inspection on "Two Basics", Tibet Daily pushes out a special column named "Welcome the national inspection on Two Basics, Promote the development of education" in an attempt to fully display fruitful results of the work for "Two Basics" in Tibet.

Padma Norbu, secretary of the Party Committee of Bang Zhong Village of Nyingchi Prefecture, has been awarded "National Outstanding Youth" for his assiduous effort to lead the villagers to build up a fortune, and his zealous endeavor to support education. "It is education that widened my scope and made my business better and better." said Padma Norbu. He has been very concerned about the education of the younger generation. In his four children, three are at the universities and one is in a high school. His children taught him how to get market information through the Internet. The great change taken place in Padma Norbu's family reflects the impressive achievement of Tibet's education over the past 60 years.

The peaceful liberation of Tibet in 1951 is of epoch-making significance for the development of Tibet and a great event in the modern history of China. Before liberation, Tibet was under the politics-religion combined feudal serf system, with an extremely backward education system. Only some 2,000 monks and children of the nobility studied in government and private schools. The masses of serfs and slaves had no right to receive education.

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